Affiliation: Creer Syndicate
Base: Golgotha
Gender: Male
Status: Recharged
Occupation: Body-man
Skills: Killing,
Augs: Class C, Supplemental (Palm Electricution, Ocular, Oral)
Special: Can deliver fatal electrical discharge from the palms


"Two Mensks dead in as many weeks. At this rate the Seven Families may soon become Six"

First Appearance: CD:Chapter5:P2

Strengths: Obedience

Weaknesses: none known

Antony is Sapphira's body-man, carrying our most of her wet-work. If Sapphira trusts anyone at all (which is widely doubted), then she trusts Antony. His augs allow him to discharge a lare, potentially fatal amount of energy into a person's body on contact. CD Database-Characters


Antony is seemingly a caucasion man of above average height and large, muscular build with cranial Augs that cover the scalp extending like a fin and covering the eyes. He also has augs covering or replacing his jaw and two steel cones that extend from the back of his shoulders and run a cable through to the back of his palms. He has only been shown shirtless in green trousers with no footwear. CD Page-05.02

Personal PossessionsEdit

  • none known

Psych ProfileEdit


Antony appears to be obedient to Sapphira, or her Syndicate family at the very least, but is not so stuffy that he has no sense of humour. CD Page-05.07


Antony appears to have no goals beyond serving Saphira and/or her Syndicate family.


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