• Charles81

    REDIRECT Another neat trick. Obviously, some people are going to type in Kari instead of Kari Tyrell, or even Fury. Heck, no-one is likely to type in Captain Vaegyr Anderson Ward. But you can create the page using the long name and then create another one using the short name and insert a redirect which automatically takes the user to the main page without . So the page for Kari simply has the code , and it will not only redirect people to the Spaceship page but actually right down to the section that explains the Fighter class of spaceship. I did the same for all of the spaceship pages that KeanDL made with titles such as "Tempest class Battleship" by linking the page "Tempest" like so #REDIRECT Tempest class Battleship for when the …

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  • Charles81

    The main codes to know in a wiki are the double square brackets on either side of a key word. They are used to make the keyword link to a relevant page. So if I mention "Kari flies Vaegyr's newly aquired Scimitar" in the page on Kari then I'll write to display as .

    MY RECOMMENDATION: Stick to editing existing pages by filling out sections that haven't been elaborated on or fixing spelling mistakes and you'll gain familiarity by looking at the code that others have writen for those pages and eventually know what to do for your own pages or major edits. If you create a login for yourself, then you'll also get a userpage and talk page of your own that you can edit and play with at your heart's content to get a feel for the code.

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  • Skyspace

    On creating a Crimson Dark Wiki David posted in the forum:

    'Re: CD Wiki by David on Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:08 pm'
    Okay, I've decided to give this a try:
    There desn't seem to be any way to edit permissions, so go nuts.

    But, how detailed should we be? Spartan, Factual, Detailed, Descriptive, Flamboyant, Speculative ... or ... ???

    Its good to have a brief of the webcomic so you can go directly to the pages and read the words/pictures directly. I think some of the fandom wiki docs for SF/Webcomics have too much detail. For example: at the Goblins webcomic forum, I compiled a quick reference forum post, and some suggested this reference be put into the Goblins webcomic wiki - having a deeper look in that Wiki it seemed that …

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