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Title: Captain
Affiliation: Cirin Alliance
Base: Katherine's Glance
Gender: Male
Status: Fleeing
Occupation: Free-trader
Skills: Survival
Augs: Class D, Supplemental (Cranial)


"Have fun storming the castle."

First Appearance: CD:Chapter4:P16

Strengths: Cunning, Opportunistic

Weaknesses: Avoiding pirates/privateers

Captain of the independant Freighter Katherine's Glance, Vrae is primarily a free-trader, but is willing to take on supply contracts with the Cirin Military. Though not always the luckiest of individuals, he makes up for it by being sneaky and opportunistic. CD Database-Characters


Michael is a caucasian man of above average height and average build, bald but with a steel plate on his scalp, betraying the presence of cranial augs, some facial hair around the mouth and green eyes. He is normally attired in a grey and red top with grey jeans and shoes.

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Michael can appear as a bit of a grouch and pessimist but he has ideals that he holds dear and higher than the attraction of profits despite his profession as a Free-trader. Vrae is also sneaky and cunning, willing to try any and every trick he can against any opposition. He's a survivor as well and although he'll take some risks for the Cirin Alliance in it's fight against the Republic of Daranir, he knows not to stick his neck out too far. He will consider the advantages of long-term, minor subterfuge against any short-term major success which could hamper him. CD Page-10.16 CD Page-10.21


While Michael does have goals to earn profit as a Free-trader he's sympathetic to the Cirin Alliance's cause against the Republic of Daranir, generally transporting of military goods for the C.D.F. and gathering intel whenever possible while the Alliance keep him flying. Despite his sympathy, he's in no hurry to become a martyr or put his trade under too much risk. CD Page-10.13 CD Page-10.21


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Likely a former citizen of the Republic of Daranir, Michael frequenly visited a diner on Galente Prime where he came to casually know a waitress named Katherine. On a day that the waitress didn't turn up for work, Michael saw her body on the news which reported that she's been shot dead by Republic police and any patriotism he held for Daranir ended. He named his Freighter Katherine's Glance after the waitress and has since been inspired by her death to assist the Cirin Alliance. CD Page-10.13 CD Page-10.22

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