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{{Infobox CD Ship
{{Infobox CD Ship
|name= Castellan
|name= Castellan
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[[Category:Republic Ships]]
[[Category:Republic Ships]]

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Manufactured: Galante Shipyards
Commissioned: Republic of Daranir
Length: 398.2m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m
Ship's Companys: 200 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wings: 220 (Pilots & Support)
Armaments: 2x Nestor 30L Guns; 4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
Fighters: 32x Scimitar class Fighter; 8x Sabre class Heavy Fighter; 4x Zweihander class Bomber

Description[edit | edit source]

The "Castellan" class carrier was the first in a series of grand-scale warships commissioned by the Republic of Daranir in response to the militarisation of the Cirin Alliance . Though an effective Carrier, the Castellan has been criticised as being a "bread and butter" design, lacking any serious armaments and requiring support in any battle scenario.

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