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Title: Commodore
Affiliation: R.A.S.F.
Base: Espenson Station
Gender: Female
Status: Raping Kari's name
Occupation: R.A.S.F. officer
Skills: Manipulation, Leadership, Recruiting
Augs: Unknown


"Make those sons of bitches pay."

First Appearance: CD:Chapter2:P26

Strengths: Manipulative, Patriotic

Weaknesses: Bourbon

Commodore Pearson is the commanding officer assigned to Espenson Station. Though nominally responsible for the station's military aspects, she is often called upon to adjudicate civilian matters as well. Pearson is quite prepared to bend the law given the right circumstances, but is fervantly loyal to the Republic.


Adelaide is a capoid woman of average height and build with brown hair normally pulled back tightly into a bun and brown eyes. She is almost always dressed in her formal, R.A.S.F. officer's uniform.

Personal Possessions

  • Scimitar Model
  • Commodore's Certificate

Psych Profile


Adelaide is very loyal to the Republic but not heartless and will try to treat others fairly, provided it doesn't pose a problem for her or the Republic. She is good at finding unique solutions to problems and manipulating those around her to achieve those solutions, even leaving them with the belief that the plan was their idea and not her own.


Commodore Pearson's primary goal is to protect the Republic of Daranir and do everything she reasonably can to win The Second Cirin-Darani War for her nation, even recruiting Privateers or flat out lying to the Darani people in order to rally support and raise moral.


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Adelaide likely worked in the R.A.S.F. before the beginning of The Second Cirin-Darani War and apparently knew Vaegyr Ward when he attempted to enlist in the Republic Navy and likely organised his Privateer's marque. She was promoted to the rank of Commodore on the 11th July of 2691 by Vice-Admiral Christopher Hersey and assigned to the command of Espenson Station where she continued to manage the Niobids Marquee.

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