Controllers are people who have specialised mind/machine neural Aug interfaces. Such an interface allows for the augmented person to take on the direct control of an entire ship or station CD Page-03.29. The controller actually uses the computational power of the station to suplement their own mental capacity, to the point that most normal functions of the attached network are run on a subconsious level, even when the controler is sleeping CD Page-10.34. The interface is so total in fact that sudden disruption of the network, due to destruction or sudden disruption can cause empathic trauma, effectivly a massive mental shock similar to sudden limb loss. CD Page-05.09

Work ConditionsEdit

Controllers are generally the best paid individuals in both the military and commercial sectors. After years of experimentation with AIs, it was concluded that though computers were experts at performing detailed diagnostics on individual systems, they could never match a human's intuition and creativity when it came to the holistic approach. Controllers interface with every system in a Station or Ship, constantly searching for, predicting and fixing problems before they even surface. They typically spend two weeks solid plugged into their mainframe, and then have a few days off before returning to duty. CD Page-03.03 CD Page-03.04

It's the hardest job in the galaxy, requiring more training and skill than a surgeon, but the perks are extraordinary: Free augmentations for life, a very high salary and early retirement with a sizable pension. CD News-02.02

Psychological IssuesEdit

Adverse psychological conditions have been associated with being a Controller, particularly loss of identity due to the merging of personal and technical memories. Many precautions are now taken to reduce the risk, one of which is the habit of always referring to the person as "Control" when they're on duty, and by their real name when off duty. CD News-02.02

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