A coalition of family-run businesses operating outside the law. They are based on Golgotha station and have numerous friends in both the Republic and Alliance governments together with a highly refined talent for greasing the right palms. CD News-05.00

The Seven Families

The Syndicate was formed when seven rival families finally put their differences aside. Combined, they reached further than ever before and became the most powerful organised crime cartel in the area (after eliminating the families who had refused to join). The rivalries of old have not been forgotten, and there's a constant ebb and flow as different families become more influential, or more impotent, but so far none has managed to rise to the top. CD News-05.07


The seven families of the Syndicate elect an Arbitrator to oversee the Syndicate and act as judge and jury for disputes among the families but although the arbitrator's power is significant, they are still answerable to all seven families.

Sapphira is the current Arbitrator for the Creer Syndicate, having replaced Argurious Mensk with a majority vote by the seven families of 4 to 3. CD News-05.07

Additional Information


The Creer syndicate may well be responsible for the terrorist attack on the Republic of Daranir which sparked The Second Cirin-Darani War. CD Page-11.43


The Creer Syndicate appear to be based loosely on Mafia organisations, possibly mixing Yakuza, Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia and other real-world like organised crime mobs into the 7 families which make up the syndicate.


Whisper is the daughter of two prominent family members of the Creer Syndicate who were killed in a fire she started over 7 years ago. CD Page-11.39

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