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This is the official Crimson Dark wiki where you can create, find and edit information on the Sci-Fi webcomic. Starships, characters, space stations, augmentation, giant space-poodles - all here!

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Kari Tyrell
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Editing Crimson Dark Wiki[]

Style and Help Pages
NEW WIKI USERS START HERE. For quick references on codes or simple tips please visit Wikia's Help Index or Wikia's Community Central Forum.

Where possible try and keep new pages consistent with existing page's style. The easiest way to do this is to copy a page which is similar to the one you're hoping to create and replace the content, effectively using it as a template or guide(e.g. copy Kari's character page to create a character page for a new character). If you don't have enough information to fill in all the areas, simply indicate that it is unknown or under construction. For particularly sparse pages, mark it with the {{Stub}} template to indicate that further detail and editing is required.

If you mistakenly create a page with the wrong name, move the information to a page with the correct name and insert the {{Delete}} template into the page. This template can be inserted into any page which requires deletion and will notify administrators who will review and take action.

For each new page of Crimson Dark certain pages of the Wiki need updating. You can find them listed in Category:New Page.

When making comments in discussion or talk pages please sign your name on talk pages by using four tildes (~~~~). This will automatically produce your name and the date. Signing your comments is important, as it lets other editors know who has posted which comments.

Referencing Source
Please reference the source of the information in a page whenever possible.

For references to the relevant Crimson Dark page use: {{CDPage|Related chapter and page number}}
Example: {{CDPage|01.23}} would display:
CD Page-01.23.

For references to the relevant Crimson Dark News use: {{CDNews|Related chapter and page number}}
Example: {{CDNews|01.23}} would display:
CD News-01.23.

For references to the relevant CD Database Area use: {{CDData|Related database area}}
Example: {{CDData|Ships}} would display:
CD Database-Ships.

Reporting Spam, Vandalisim and Problems
Please report spammers by placing the folling in their "User" or User Talk" page: [[Category:Spam]].
For legitimate pages which have been replaced with spam, please look at the history of the page and undo/revert the spammer's changes. For pages which have been created for spam, please replace the spam text with: [[Category:Spam]]

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