Manufactured: Rendrath Shipyards
Commissioned: Commercial Model
Length: 702.8m
Beam: ?m
Height: ?m
Ship's Companys: 500 (Officers & Enlisted)
Armaments: 5x Triple Heracles 85L Guns; 1x Twin Bias 50L Gun; 2x Nestor 30L Guns; 4x Twin Point-Defense Turrets


Though a little underpowered for its size, the Daimyo is nonetheless a formidable warship and plays a central role in any Alliance battlefleet.

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Known Examples of ClassEdit

AWS Tobruk, the command of Captain Alison Norvosi prior to her elevation to flag rank. First appeared during the Prospero incident where, responding to a distress call she engaged and drove off the Darokini Vashnir class Destroyer RS Helikaon and arrested the Niobe and Her crew. The Tobruk may or may not have been one of the unnamed Daimyos present at the Battle of Farhaven. Her current fate is unknown.

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