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Alias: Dan
Title: Doctor
Affiliation: Niobids
Homeworld: Gaidana
Base: Niobe
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Status: Injured
Occupation: Privateer
Skills: Medicine, Piano
Augs: none
Special: Evangelical Christian


"Would it be funny if I apologised for apologising?"

First Appearance: CD:Chapter1:P2

Strengths: Medical Skills, Kindness, Sincerity

Weaknesses: Assertiveness, Confidence, Guilt

Twenty-five years old, Daniel joined Niobe as ship’s medic after leaving a lucrative practice on the Republic world of Gaidana. An evangelical Christian, he has a reputation for being something of a ‘Bible basher’. He does not seem to mind the characterisation.


Daniel is a mongoloid man of below average height and average build with short, dark hair and brown eyes who is normally attired in a long-sleeve, button-up shirt, trousers and shoes.

Personal Possessions

  • Piano
  • Bible

Psych Profile


Daniel is generally friendly and kind to all, usually expecting the best in people to the extent that he can come across as a little naive at times. Despite his faith in God he can seem a bit of a lost soul at times, trying to find his place and purpose in the world and unsure of what he wants to do with his life. He's rarely assertive when it comes to his own needs and lacks self-confidence, often thinking of himself as ineffective or a burden on people. However, when it comes to protecting or helping others, Daniel can be much more forceful, decisive and brave.


Daniel left Gaidana for space to clear his head and was recruited by Vaegyr aboard Niobe. Daniel has since felt as though he's found a place where he's needed and has decided to stay on to help the crew that he's become close with.


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Born and raised on Gaidana Daniel worked in a lucritive practice on the planet with his family but developed an obsessive crush on a girl there. The girl only wished to remain friends and, unable to come to terms with this, Daniel decided to get away from the situation by seeking work in space where he was brought aboard the Niobe.

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The Making of Daniel


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