Manufactured: Golgotha Shipyards
Commissioned: Custom Design
Length: 269.9m
Beam: 58.8m
Height: 124.7m
Crew Capacity: 16
Minimum Crew: 4
Armaments: 2x 62L Guns; 2x Nestor 30L Guns; 2x Twin 20L Fore-Turrets


First appearance: CD:Chapter4:P21

The Durandal class is one of several variations of marauders used by the Creer Syndicate . Predatory in concept, the Durandal's firepower is concentrated forward, making it very powerful when attacking aggressively, but vulnerable to flanking maneauvers.CD Database-Ships

Named ExamplesEdit

The Harlequin: commanded by Abraham Mensk. Apparently lost with all hands following an engagement with the Darani privateer Niobe.

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Awaiting your Theories


The Making of This


Additional tid bits

durandal and tycho are both characters in bungie's game: marathon.

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