This new Jump technology appears to be designed by the Cirin Alliance and is likely exclusive to them at the present time. The only known implementation of the technology is a large Ship or Station which is capable of bringing objects safely out of riftspace in their original profile, even in areas of concentrated gravitic and electromagnetic anomalies. The technology is incredibly ineffecient, requiring mass amounts of energy and creating a large EMP upon use, but is capable of moving entire fleets of ships that may otherwise be incapable of travel through riftspace. CD Page-06.17 CD Page-06.25

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It is currently unkown if the Jumb Bridge technology requires a bridge unit at each end, or if one unit can simply "pull" and "push" the objects into and out of rift space remotley. It is currently speculated that this technology actually involves two such ships or stations which work together to send objects safely through riftspace between them. Since the ships involved in the only known test of the technology had no jump drives or stabilisers CD Page-06.17, it is further speculated that the sending/receiving ships actually use jump drives to create a sort of temporary tunnel through riftspace between them. Leading back to the example of the icecube melting through the gaps in a sponge, Jump Bridges would actually be the equivalent of creating a temporary hole in the sponge to pass the icecube through without melting it. CD Page-BF.04.01

The Jump Bridge may also be able to jump objects directly from a planet's surface such as shuttles depending on how much gravitic interference it can protect them from. CD Page-06.17 CD Page-06.25


The Making of Jump Bridges


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