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Alias: Fury, Hero of White-Rim
Title: Commander (formerly)
Affiliation: Niobids
Homeworld: Gaidana
Base: Niobe
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Status: Caffeinated
Occupation: Privateer
Skills: Flying, Violin, Rifles
Augs: Class C, Supplemental (WiNi, Respiratory, G-force inhibitor)
Special: Suffers post-traumatic stress


"But seriously, how am I supposed to fly without Coffee?"

First Appearance: CD:Prologue:P1

Strengths: Perception, Wisdom, Flying fightercraft

Weaknesses: Lack of Genius, Caffeine, PTSD

Kari Tyrell is an ace fighter-pilot, legendary throughout the Republic for turning the tide at the Battle of White-Rim. Only twenty-three years old, she is the youngest pilot ever to achieve the rank of Commander. Kari's assignment on the Republic frigate Danzig ended when the frigate was destroyed by an Alliance ambush. Kari was rescued from certain death by the crew of Niobe and has now joined them. CD Database-Characters


Kari is a Caucasian female of average height and slight build with chin-length red hair and green eyes who is normally attired in little more than a singlet, shorts and no shoes.

Personal Possessions

  • Violin

Psych Profile


Kari is mildly pessimistic and a bit of a cynic, but is easy to get along with and is perceptive with a wisdom that goes far beyond her age. She often lacks the genius and demeanour to act on her perception, and generally displays her wit with sarcasm.

Kari can often lack tact and doesn't beat around the bush, but presents a laid back attitude to those she doesn't trust yet. To those close to her, it is obvious that Kari suffers from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from her experiences during the Battle of White-Rim. Kari's occasionally volatile mental state causes her to experience panic attacks in darkness and see red.


With the Battle of White-Rim, Kari became a famous, high-ranking fighter pilot; however, Kari is less than impressed her fame, and believes she was labelled a "hero" mistakenly. Kari correctly believes her fame is mostly propaganda to increase recruitment for the R.A.S.F., and feels she is being exploited by the government she once served.

Since leaving the R.A.S.F. for good, Kari has little interest in fighting anyone's war, though she still maintains a love of flying.


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Despite being born on Gaidana, Kari only remembers being raised in space on luxury liners where her father worked as a shuttle pilot. She joined the R.A.S.F. as a fighter-pilot and fought at the Battle of White-Rim in the Fifth Wing based on the Castellan-class carrier Sirius, where her actions were instrumental in saving the Darani fleet, earning her promotion to Commander and fame as the "Hero of White-Rim." This is in spite of the fact that it was only luck and chance that allowed her to survive the conflict.

Kari suffered PTSD in the wake of the battle and spent several weeks in therapy on Minear Station before requesting a transfer to the Taratane-class frigate Danzig, where she served until it was destroyed in an ambush by Alliance forces.

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