Larissa WardLar1

Affiliation: Niobids
Homeworld: Raheti
Base: Niobe
Gender: Female
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Privateer
Skills: Pilot, Rifles, Chess
Augs: unknown
Family: Vaegyr Ward (husband)
Special: Daughter of the CEO of Radiance Industries


"Do you want to die, or do you just really enjoy intense pain?"

First Appearance: CD:Chapter1:P1

Strengths: Flying, Determination, Self-confidence

Weaknesses: Patience, Eloquence

As well as being Niobe’s pilot, Larissa is also married to her captain, Vaegyr. Formerly trained by the R.A.S.F. to pilot corvette class starships, Larissa has not revealed why she did not pursue a career in the military. Since she left home, her father has become the CEO of Radiant Industries. CD Database-Characters


Larissa is a capoid woman of average height and slight build with brown, shoulder-length hair often tied at the back and brown eyes. She usually wears a short-sleeve, brown spencer jacket, shirt, denim jeans and shoes.

Personal Possessions

Psych Profile


Larissa doesn't like to beat around the bush and, while not adverse to playful banter, will cut straight to the point in most discussions, ignoring flowery talk and any attempts to change the subject. Similarly, she chases goals with a determination that rarely wanes or strays from the objecive, although she often lacks a plan or strategy to achieve them, relying on others to provide her direction or tackling the task with the simplest or most obvious action available to her. Regardless, she loves her husband, Vaegyr, and is an expert on the man's moods, easily sensing when he has something on his mind and often determining what it is.


Larissa's goals appear to be little more than a desire to fly in space and be with her husband. However, with the incarceration of Vaegyr by the Cirin Alliance, Larissa has become determined to set him free and keep him safe, killing Argurious Mensk for his persistent attempts to kill the Niobids or prevent her from freeing Vaegyr.


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Born on Raheti, Larissa moved to Antalya but left, to join the R.A.S.F. where she trained as a Corvette Pilot but left, meeting and eventually marrying, Vaegyr and becoming the pilot of Niobe in what she called a "Package deal" where upon they worked together as Free-traders. Eventually the war broke out between the Republic of Daranir and the Cirin Alliance at which time Vaegyr attempted to join the R.A.S.F. but was instead given a marque as a Privateer and she continued with him in this profession.

Additional Information


Larissa appears to have had a disagreement with her parents, particularly her father, at some point which caused her to leave and join the R.A.S.F., or possibly her decision to join the R.A.S.F. or desire to become a pilot was the disagreement.


The Making of Larissa


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