Title: Mr
Affiliation: R.A.S.F.
Base: Espenson Station
Gender: Male
Status: Coordinating Adelaide Pearson
Occupation: Executive Officer
Skills: Organisation, Prodecure
Augs: Class B, Supplemental (Neural, ocular, nasal, oral)


"Ma'am, I have been in your service for nine years. This will be child's play."

First Appearance: CD:Chapter2:P27

Strengths: Organised, Eloquent

Weaknesses: Irritating

Mr Creed is Commodore Pearson's personal assistant, private seceratary and all-round point-man. He is a stickler for proper procedure and, though generally amiable, has a tendency to irritate those who don't conform to his standards.


Mr Creed is a Caucasian man of below average height and average build, bald with distinct facial augs that appear like a combination of large red goggles and a breathing mask. He is normally attired in a black suit and tie.

Personal Possessions

  • Black Suit

Psych Profile


Mr Creed is obsessed with following proper processes and procedures at all times, commenting on other's lack of conformity even at times of danger. He's not completely without humour but comes across as quite formal even when he is joking and refrains from vulgar language or slang, yet despite all this formality and strict adherance to procedure, Mr Creed is not above dealing with the less savory people of the galaxy, including known crime lords such as Argurios Mensk.


If there's one thing that Mr Creed aims for above all it would be perfection. He likely works even in his spare time but his goals can only be speculated as a desire to protect the Republic of Daranir.


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Mr Creed has worked effectively as Commodore Adelaide Pearson's personal assistant for nine years, well before she achieved the rank of Commodore, and has likely followed her through the R.A.S.F. from positions on Starships to her present position in charge of Espenson Station.

Additional Information


Mr Creed appears to have had his entire mouth with Augs that don't appear to have an easy access for the consumption of food. It is likely that either the oral portion of the augs open up the allow mushy food to be inserted, or he has other augs that allow nutrients to be inserted directly into his digestive system by other means.


The Making of Creed


Additional tid bits

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