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Title: (?Rear) Admiral
Affiliation: C.D.F.
Base: TBA
Gender: Female
Status: Upwardly Mobile
Occupation: C.D.F. officer
Skills: Manipulation, Pragmatism, Recruiting
Augs: Unknown


"You know how I feel about fair fights."

First Appearance: (Via Comlink) (in person)


Alison is a slavic woman of average height and build with short blonde hair and brown eyes. Thus far she has only appeared in what seems to be standard C.D.F. working dress.

Personal Possessions[]

  • Strix Class Corvette

Psych Profile[]


Alison appears to be a loyal and committed CDF officer with a sense of principle not always found in those selected for "special operations". She has demonstrated herself to be open to finding innovative solutions to complex problems using unconventional assets (including privateers such as the Niobids, but equally had no problems arranging the arrest of a superior officer who had involved organized crime (specifically the Creer Syndicate) in the war effort. At Farhaven she demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice herself in the pursuit of her objectives when, faced with otherwise certain defeat she prepared to launch the Milowka in a sacrificial ramming attack against one of the U.T.C Battleships.




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Alison drops into the narrative at the rank of Captain, commanding the AWS Tobruk as she plunged into the climax of the Prospero Incident to engage and drive off the IWS Helikaon. The Tobruk's initial assignment had been to recover the CDF Intelligence Agent Arelene Ward and her colleague (Insert Name) from the Prospero (thus indicating some assignment in intelligence work) - instead she found her contacts aboard an enemy privateer (the Niobe) and placed the ship, and its Captain (Captain Vaegyr Anderson Ward under arrest. Subsequent to that arrest she sat alongside Admiral Yule Fenton and Captain Arden Kimble on the Court Martial Tribunal on Fontana Station at which Vaegyr Ward was tried for treason by matter of service to a hostile foreign power. Following Captain Ward's unexpected guilty plea, she was then positioned to negotiate his ransom in exchange for intelligence data provided by the Niobid recovery of Sarah Endetta from Espenson Station and for the "salvage" and re-registration of the Scar in his name. Subsidiary data provided by the Niobids also allowed her to identify Admiral Yule Fenton's illicit relations with the Creer Syndicate and to arrange his arrest - actions which appear to have lead to her immediate promotion to (presumably Rear) Admiral. Shortly after these events, she hoisted her flag on the Sparrow class Carrier Milowka at the head of the fleet sent to relieve Farhaven. With this significant victory behind her, she has since been seen at the CDF Naval Academy at Fort Hood, although whether as part of general command, as part of the DS or, perhaps equally likely still in some kind of special operations role, is unclear.

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