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General Description[edit | edit source]

A salvage ship is one of a number of specialized civilian vessels designed for the recovery of space debris, including the breaking up and recovering of derelict ships. These are generally spaceships - a lack of jump capability would seem to be a major obstacle in this line of business and, although constructed to civilian specifications, they tend to be heavily built and well armoured due to the high probability of debris strikes during salvage operations.

In the old tradition of ships, a given salver is quite likely to be carrying at least a tender, and may well also deploy dedicated salvage craft, manned or unmanned, to assist with debris collection and handling.

Being civilian vessels, they will also carry a minimum of armament, although the grappling beams and industrial lances that form part of their standard equipment are quite capable of wreaking havoc on other ships at close range. That said, it is entirely plausible for such a vessel to ship some armament - if only a point defence turret - due to the likelihood that they will be operating in the less policed regions of space. The true weapons aficionado - or the merely piratically inclined - may well also chose to arm his salvage craft for added firepower.

Known Examples[edit | edit source]

The unnamed vessel in which Hal Grisdale attempted to attack the CDF anchor ship Anchor One and the attached training squadron in the Wakea V debris field. This vessel carried both point defence and armed salvage drones, and may or may not remain in the field to this day in need of salvage in its own right, having had its conning tower destroyed and all detectable crew members killed during the engagement.

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