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Title: Lady
Affiliation: Creer Syndicate
Base: Golgotha
Gender: Female
Status: Pleased
Occupation: Arbitrator
Skills: Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Information gathering
Augs: Class A, Cosmetic (Body markings and glowing eyes)


"That man is either very brave or very stupid."

First Appearance: CD:Chapter5:P1

Strengths: Diplomacy, Ruthlessness

Weaknesses: none displayed

Elected as Arbitrator of the Creer Syndicate by the seven families (in a vote split 4/3), Sapphira's main role is to stop the families from tearing each other to pieces. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and has demonstrated a mixture of diplomacy and ruthlesness which has brought the families into line. CD Database-Characters


Sapphira is a mongoloid woman of seemingly average height and slim build with black hair running to the middle of her back and yellow, augmented eyes together with a number of body marking augmentations. She is normally attired in a knee-length blue dress.

Personal Possessions[]

  • Unknown

Psych Profile[]


Sapphira tries to be fair and even in her dealings as Arbitrator for the Creer Syndicate, but she is ruthless when the need arises and will do what she needs to keep her position secure and the Creer Syndicate operating without internal turmoil. She may trust her body-man, Antony, but outside of him she trusts no-one and despite any level of friendship or apparent sentiment, others should refrain from placing too much trust in her, however she does value good and honour in people such as Vaegyr Ward and will work things cautiously in their favour.


The only apparently objective in Sapphira's life seems to be keeping the Creer Syndicate free of turmoil and safe.


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Sapphira replaced Argurios Mensk as Arbitrator for the Creer Syndicate with a majority vote by the seven families of 4 to 3. Since then she has worked hard to settle unrest in the Syndicate and extend its influence, granting special privileges and immunity to people such as the Niobids for their assistance in providing information and contacts in both the Republic of Daranir and the Cirin Alliance.

Additional Information[]


Awaiting your theories


Originally Sapphira was to be almost completely augmented, possibly more than Whisper, however David decided that she should be more human and approachable in contrast to her position and ended with a character who was almost completely flesh and blood with cosmetic augs that somehow give her a threatening quality.


Sapphira was originally called Saphira in the comic (minus a "p"). It's unknown whether this is a typo or if David changed the name at a later time.