Short Stories

Armistice Day

A short story which focuses on Kari during her time a a pilot aboard the R.S. Sirius and reveals more about the History of the ongoing hostilities between the Cirin Alliance and the Republic of Daranir. CD News-09.04

Grey Station

Niobe is in urgent need of repairs and Sarah leads Vaegyr and Larissa to Grey Station. However, standing between them and the rare component they desperately need stands a bitter mercenary who smells an opportunity for profit, and when his somewhat hazardous past pays an unexpected visit, everything goes to hell.

Set shortly after the declaration of war, “Grey Station” features Sarah before she became Controller for Espenson Station, and shows how Hal joined the team. CD News-09.12

Distant Thunder

Kari’s former Commander, Stardust, has been temporarily assigned to the R.S. Antalya, a Tempest class Battleship in order that inexperienced pilots behind the front lines can benefit from his wisdom. However what looks like a routine stopover to refuel quickly turns into a nightmare.

Distant Thunder was originally written in 2009 as a script for a short film for college but in the end David only had the time and resources to make a trailer. Now Supporters can read the story in its entirety! CD News-10.00


Set shortly after the events of Chapter 8, “D-Sected” is the story of Ring, proprietor of speciality augs, being paid a visit by a D-Sec agent curious about his past association with a fugitive named “Whisper”. CD News-10.17

Baruk's Story

Baruk Shield became famous among Cirin citizens practically overnight when he crashed a Freighter, laden with a torpedo warhead, into Espenson Station, killing over two hundred people. This document is Baruk’s journal, recounting his experiences on Farhaven which led to what some praise as a bold strike for freedom, and other condemn as a cowardly act of terrorism. CD News-10.25

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