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Source: [http://www.davidcsimon.com/crimsondark/database/ships/sparrow.html Link]
Source: [http://www.davidcsimon.com/crimsondark/database/ships/sparrow.html Link]
==Design Aspects==
Unusually for a carrier, the Sparrow Class is heavily armed - outgunning, for example the C.D.Fs [[Daimyo class Heavy Cruiser]]. Given the apparent absence of any Battlecruiser or Battleship classes from the CDF, this would appear to make the Sparrow their most powerful gun-armed class - although the lack of any lance armament would appear to exclude it from the first rate of ship to ship designs.
Another key feature of the design, presumably not well publicized prior to being demonstrated at the [[Battle of Farhaven]], was the fact that the forward section of the main hull, despite being well armoured, contains few if any vital systems and, although the long term survival of the crew may be impaired, the ship can still maneuver and fight with extensive damage to this area. Comments by Admiral [[Norvosi]] during the engagement indicate that this may well have been a deliberate design decision, providing the ship with a "damage buffer" which is deliberately positioned to attract enemy fire away from more combat critical systems.
The standard air wing is unremarkable in numbers and suffers from the typical lower quality of Alliance fighter designs but is still a significant improvement over any of its predecessors.
==Known Examples of Class==
==Known Examples of Class==

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