Manufactured: Rendrath Shipyards
Commissioned: The Cirin Alliance
Length: 570.6m
Ship's Companys: 750 (Officers & Enlisted)
Flight Wings: 260 (Pilots & Support)
Armaments: 4x Triple Heracles 85L Guns; 4x Twin Bias 50L Guns; 4x Nestor 30L Guns; 6x Twin Point-Defense Turrets
Fighters: 36x Kestrel class Fighter; 24x Eagle class Fighter; 4x Cobra class Bomber


Although the Alliance's practice of buying commercial and civilian ships for conversion to military vessels was proving to be a success, Alliance Command was concerned by the fleet's lack of any heavy carrier. Since no suitable hulls could be purchased on the open market, funding was poured into a massive expansion of the Rendrath Shipyards. Now, as well as producing fighters and bombers based on commercial blueprints, the shipyards began work on a truly ambitious project - a carrier capable of holding said fighters. Though codenamed the "Sparrow" during development to confuse enemy intelligence, Alliance Command was so amused by the contrast that they made it the official class name when the first prototype was completed. This prototype was first sent into combat at the Battle of White-rim, where it played a key role in the Alliance's plan.

First appearance: Page 02.17

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