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For references to the relevant Crimson Dark Database Article.

NOTE: Only the main database areas are linked here, not each individual sub-page.

Reference Options

Characters = An overview of the major and minor players in Crimson Dark.
Ships = Details on every ship class encountered so far, military and commercial.
Organisations = Governments and commercial bodies.
Locations = Planets, space-stations and star-systems.
History = A detailed time-line of events from the late 21st century to the 27th century.
Technology = Inventions and devices which play a vital role in the 27th century.
Glossary = Quick explanations of various terms used in the comic.


Various shortnames are available for each of the possible references such as "c", "C" "char" and "Character" to reference "Characters" along with "S", "ship" and "ships" to reference "Ships" together with many others.


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