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This template if for including summaries and an image of any Crimson Dark comic chapter.


Please be aware that the template must be manually updated at Template:CD Summary for each new chapter and/or associated image.


Use the following format for chapters, exchanging the Chapter parameter for "CDP1" to display the Prologue summary, "CDC1" to display the chapter 1 summary, etc.

{{CD Summary|Chapter}}

To display a summary for the entire Crimson Dark comic only simply name the template only in the following format:

{{CD Summary}}


{{CD Summary|CDC8}}
would display

Chapter 8: The King's Men

Niobe approaches Jade Station as Vaegyr continues the search for his sister.


{{CD Summary}}
would display


Crimson Dark is a Sci-Fi webcomic created by David C. Simon, updated with a new page every Monday. Though work began on the strip in May 2006, it wasn't published until the 1st of June of that year (the archives were backdated, so that new readers would have more than one page to look at). The comic is a serialised story set during a massive inter-stellar war in the 27th century, but focuses primarily on a handful of individuals caught up in the middle of the war rather than the broader details of the conflict.

{{CD Summary|CDC11}}
would display

Chapter 11: Better Lives

Argurios Mensk attempts to foil the Niobid's rescue of Sarah but Espenson Station isn't cooperating.

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