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{{Infobox CD Station
|flight wing=


Espenson Stationimagewidth

Allegience: Republic
Company: 1600
Flight wing: 500
Civilians: 7900
Scimitars: 36
Sabres: 12
Zweihanders: 8
{{Infobox CD Station
|name= Espenson Station
|image= Espenson.jpg
|allegience= [[Republic]]
|company= 1600
|flight wing= 500
|civilians= 7900
|FighterType1= [[Scimitar]]s
|FType1Qty= 36
|FighterType2= [[Sabre]]s
|FType2Qty= 12
|FighterType3= [[Zweihander]]s
|FType3Qty= 8
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