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The Cirin Alliance began as a loose affiliation of colonies during the war of independence, but subsequently became an outspoken and rebellious protectorate of the UTC. Having suffered significantly in social and economic terms during the war, the Alliance demanded aid from the UTC in the form of food and terraforming equipment. These demands were mostly ignored, and the Alliance soon faced famine, massive unemployment and exponential inflation. In the early twenty-sixth century, a series of terrorist attacks on neighbouring nations was blamed on the Cirin Alliance, and they were eventually expelled from the Coalition.

Crippled by growing popular unrest, the Alliance government was finally toppled by coup d'état, and months of fighting followed as the allied systems vied for power. New governments came and went, some lasting for less than a week, until the systems finally agreed to establish a council of elders representing each member world with the first priority being an end to the food crisis and unemployment. The result is a state which describes itself as a ‘Socialist Democracy’, but has been less kindly called a ‘dangerous melting-pot of Communists, Anarchists and farmers with delusions of grandeur’.

Today the Cirin Alliance has ended the famine, reduced unemployment and halted inflation. They regard the Republic of Daranir with utter contempt, publicly denouncing it as an expansionist dictatorship, run by war-profiteers. When a terrorist attack on the Republic House of Parliament was attributed to Cirin sympathisers, the Republic declared war. The Alliance has denied ever sanctioning terrorists and has accused the Republic of orchestrating the attack.

The military arm of the Cirin Alliance is known as the Cirin Defence Force (CDF). Due to significant deficits in the Alliance's industrial base the majority of their ship designs to date have been militarized versions of commercial hulls - with the usual problems this brings to a warship. Despite that, they have managed to deploy some remarkably innovative and effective vessels and remain capable of holding their own against the Darani in most circumstances.

Source: Crimson Dark Glossary