The Second Cirin-Darani War
Battle of White-Rim, Distant Thunder, Farhaven Siege Campaign


The Second Cirin-Darani War is presently being fought between the Cirin Alliance and the Republic of Daranir and continues with confilicts between the two forces on a regular basis.


Main Article: Armistice Day Bombing

The Republic of Daranir declared war on the Cirin Alliance shortly after a terrorist attack on Gaidana during "Armistice Day", commemorating the end of the War of Independence. The attack killed the Darani Prime Minister, Arpita Singhal and many others.


The Battle of White-RimEdit

Main Article: Battle of White-Rim

The first major battle of the Cirin-Darani War and the first time that Darani lives were lost in home space, the Battle of White-Rim was supposed to be a trap, designed to catch the Cirin Defence Force off-guard, however the Alliance fleet jumped directly on into the midst of the Republic fleet and the battle quickly turned into a bloody furball. The result is considered a draw at best, however the actions of one R.A.S.F. fighter pilot, Kari Tyrell, saved the Republic Fleet's carrier from being flanked by a group of fighters from an Alliance carrier and earned her the title "Hero of White-Rim".

Distant ThunderEdit

Main Article: Distant Thunder

A routine stopover by the R.S. Antalya to refuel at Otago Station near the Tihirau Nebula which quickly turned into a nightmare. At a Strategic level, the result could be classified as a draw for both sides but politically the attackers can call it a victory.

The Farhaven Siege CampaignEdit

Main Article: Farhaven Siege Campaign

Sometime after the Battle of White-Rim the R.A.S.F. surrounded the Cirin world of Farhaven, making all efforts to prevent escape and entry to the planet while bombing the surface from above. The Siege of Farhaven continues as part of the Farhaven Siege Campaign.

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