The main codes to know in a wiki are the double square brackets on either side of a key word. They are used to make the keyword link to a relevant page. So if I mention "Kari flies Vaegyr's newly aquired Scimitar" in the page on Kari then I'll write "Kari flies [[Vaegyr]]'s newly aquired [[Scimitar]]" and this will cause Vaegyr's name to link to his page and Scimitar to link to the page on that fighter, provided one has been created ("Kari flies Vaegyr's newly aquired Scimitar"). Even if the page hasn't been created yet, its good to link the word if you know its likely to be created in the future. Links to pages not created yet, are shown in red while working links display as blue.

You can even link to a particular heading within another page. For instance. I might link the word "Fighter" to the section on Fighters under the Spaceship page by doing this [[Spaceship#Fighter|Fighter]] which will display as: Fighter. I'm actually doing another tricky thing there. Obviously I don't want to display the text "Spaceship#Fighter" in the page, just link the word "Fighter" so use a "pipe" character (usually a shifted '\' key above the "Enter" key) after the link to give the name you want to use in the document. I frequently use this when I mention the "crew of Niobe" by saying "[[Niobids|crew]] of [[Niobe]]" where I link the word "crew" to the page "Niobids" and the word "Niobe" directly to the page on that ship.

After that, you've got templates which get complex. The black boxes you can see in the character pages with images of the relevant character and details about them, are based on a template I created and link to. I also made one for space stations and KeanDL made one for starships with the same appearance.

We're supposed to be linking to the sources of information we provide in the wiki, but it can be difficult to find and link back an external URL each time. I plan on creating a reference template which will make it as simple as putting in something like {{CDPage|08.14}} to reference and link to Crimson Dark, Chapter 2, Page 3 and display automatically as CD Page-08.14. For reference to the news associated with each page I have {{CDNews|03.05}} to display as CD News-03.05.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Stick to editing existing pages by filling out sections that haven't been elaborated on or fixing spelling mistakes and you'll gain familiarity by looking at the code that others have writen for those pages and eventually know what to do for your own pages or major edits. If you create a login for yourself, then you'll also get a userpage and talk page of your own that you can edit and play with at your heart's content to get a feel for the code.

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