REDIRECT Another neat trick. Obviously, some people are going to type in Kari instead of Kari Tyrell, or even Fury. Heck, no-one is likely to type in Captain Vaegyr Anderson Ward. But you can create the page using the long name and then create another one using the short name and insert a redirect which automatically takes the user to the main page without . So the page for Kari simply has the code #REDIRECT [[Kari Tyrell]]<nowiki> which redirect people who type in "Kari" to "Kari Tyrell" automatically. I also redirect her callsign "Fury" to "Kari Tyrell as well. REDIRECT TO A SUBHEADING Obviously I don't need an entire page to describe what a "Fighter" is, so I created a page called "Spaceship" which lists ALL the various classes of vessels in the Crimson Dark universe. But I don't want to type in <nowiki>[[Spaceship#Fighter|fighter]] every time its mentioned, so I created a redirect page for "Fighter" with the code #REDIRECT [[Spaceship#Fighter]] so I can simply put the brackets around the word Fighter like so [[Fighter]], and it will not only redirect people to the Spaceship page but actually right down to the section that explains the Fighter class of spaceship. I did the same for all of the spaceship pages that KeanDL made with titles such as "Tempest class Battleship" by linking the page "Tempest" like so #REDIRECT [[Tempest class Battleship]]<nowiki> for when the class alone is mentioned. On material exclusive to the Supporter's Club, I did write a wikipage titled "[[The Second Cirin-Darani War]]" which is the present confilict. In there I gave some brief information on the trigger for the war, but obviously I don't want to elaborate too much on anything David has in the Supporters Club as thats his bread and butter to an extent and it looses value if we just let everyone know all the details. For the most part, I use the comments David has made in page news or forums, about the stories in the Supporters Club since those are obviously public. [[Category:Blog posts]]

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